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J For /ˈdʒeɪ/ or jy /ˈdʒaɪ/

Jackals are barking Jerking at any bitches in the bushes Juggling on broken glasses Jinxed by dead spirits Jeans torn on knees Jealous of the forehead Jane can see it too Jumping off her bra John is peeping too Jeeps back seems private enough Jemps do it better Juggs hugging the cloack Jango (D’Jango) can’t […]

H For Aitch

Hearts are broken to crumbs Houses burnt to ashes Hymen torn to strands Heroes honored on stones Hoes scratch barren earth Hands hoist cheeks Hyenas laugh in nearby bushes Hymns sang in funerals Hidden under wails of owls Horrow of the sorrow Harassing present woes Hugged by darkness Hinged on hope Heaving faith.

Feel It Run Through

Hell is here Heaven too The pain in hearts The hearts in cards Smiles on faces The itch through your pocket The bloom of flowers In crickets welcoming the nights As women wail for fallen husbands By the fire burning thieves As children roast maize With torso flapping dust The bourgeois fart at surgeon’s table […]